[Comment on “The Oceanography Report”] Composition of the Oceanography Report



In looking over the subject matter of The Oceanography Report (TOR), beginning with the September 1, 1981, edition of Eos, I am struck by the predominance of physical oceanography lead articles. In fact, out of 63 articles, 23 are “pure” physical oceanography, 25 are multidisciplinary, general, or news and announcement articles, and the remainder are about equally divided between biological, chemical, and geological oceanography (see Table 1). Although TOR Editor David Brooks is a physical oceanographer, he is emphatic about rarely soliciting articles in physical oceanography, but on the other hand, he has made some effort to get articles in the other disciplines.

Surely the physical oceanographers are not the only group in oceanography that have new and existing discoveries, new programs, workshop findings, and other newsworthy items to report on a timely basis in the Eos medium. Let the past predominance of physical oceanography-type articles be a challenge to the other disciplines to submit articles for TOR to its editor David Brooks.