It is a great personal pleasure to present to you today Ian S. E. Carmichael as corecipient of the 1986 Volcanology, Geochemistry, and Petrology Award. This award is given in recognition of his many contributions, both in research and as an educator. I will describe to you some of these in d u e course, but first I would like to provide you a little background (some of it factual) on a most remarkable man.

I first met Carmichael, appropriately, on a field trip to Baja California almost exactly 10 years ago. The objective of this trip was to collect specimens of lava and xenoliths from the San Quintin volcanic Field, but the most memorable aspects for me were the campfire chats, our having to extricate the vehicle from the beach sands, and the fact that I received my first serious lesson in how to attack an igneous rock with a sledgehammer.