Long-range side scan sonar and geophysical survey of the Aleutian Basin



In 1983, President Ronald Reagan established the Exclusive Economic Zone, an area of 3.9 billion acres (∼1.6 billion hectares) that gives the United States exclusive rights to energy and mineral resources on and under the seafloor for a distance of 200 nautical miles (∼370 km) from its coastline and in its territorial seas [Rowland et al., 1983]. The U.S. Geological Survey established a program, EEZ-Scan, in spring 1984 to map this new undersea territory [Gardner, 1984; EEZ-Scan Group, 1985]. The results of the first field season of mapping the EEZ off the conterminous west coast of the United States have been published as an atlas [EEZ-Scan 84 Scientific Staff, 1986] that is the first volume of a series.