February streamflow


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A wrap-up of February flows at selected sites across the country showed that ∼75% of the nation's streams were at average to above-average volumes, with record high flows for the month in Florida, New Mexico, and Utah, according to the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS). USGS hydrologists in Salt Lake City, Utah, said that the level of the Great Salt Lake continued to rise during February, moving up about 3 in. (∼8 cm). The lake level on March 1 was 4211.65 ft (∼1283. 71 m) above sea level (asl). The lake is now 0.20 ft (∼6.1cm) below last year's peak elevation of 4211.85 ft (∼1283.77 m) and 1.75 ft (∼0 .53 m) above the March 1, 1986, measurement of 4209.90 ft (∼1283.18 m) asl. The Great Salt Lake reached the highest point in its 1986 seasonal rise and its highest level of record on June 3, 1986.