Individual sections of AGU are governed by collections of bylaws adopted by each membership. The GP Section, at the present time, has no bylaws. Such a document would include articles defining the name, objectives, and membership of the section. Also present would be a description of officers (president, president-elect, and secretary), their duties, nomination and election procedures, and information on committees, meetings, and publications. The GP Section now functions by following some standard, although unwritten, procedures. The usual bylaws used by AGU sections would not change any of the functions or procedures used by our section but would put in writing the structure that we follow. It is possible, in the membership clause, to allow members to be affiliated with more than one section and to no longer claim only a “primary” section. The GP Executive Committee intends to discuss the possibility of adopting our own bylaws at the spring business meeting. We would appreciate any input from GP membership on this topic prior to May. Please direct your comments to Laurie Brown or Subir Banerjee (addresses above).