Alfred Wegener: The Father of Continental Drift



This is the biography of a renaissance scientist. Now, when the disciplines of science are becoming narrower and we are beginning to understand the neccessity of broadening our scientific scope, we are presented in this book with the life of a scientist who had the imagination to bridge the confines of one discipline to make a major contribution to another.

Alfred Wegener spent most of his scientific life as an observational meteorologist who performed most of his work during expeditions in Greenland and Iceland. The first few chapters of the book clearly identify this as the major emphasis of his scientific work by briefly outlining his life and presenting a detailed description of his Arctic explorations, which ended with his death in Greenland in 1930. His last expedition is described in great detail in an attempt to characterize this man, who as leader of the expedition did everything in his power to safeguard those under him and to maintain continuous scientific investigations.