A new system for management of the “Master Oceanographic Observation Data Set” (MOODS)



The Naval Oceanographic Office (NAVOCEANO) at NSTL, Miss., collects, analyzes, and displays oceanographic and hydrographic data to support naval operations. The Fleet Numerical Oceanography Center (FNOC) in Monterey, Calif., serves as the production center for most analysis and forecast fields of oceanographic and meteorological parameters, including daily environmental tactical support products for the operating forces. Until 1985, FNOC was responsible for the Master Oceanographic Observation Data Set (MOODS). NAVOCEANO has obtained MOODS from FNOC in order to provide for its maintenance and updating. The term “maintenance” in this case means making data contained in MOODS available to investigators at NAVOCEANO and available to other data requestors that NAVOCEANO is obligated to serve. “Updating” means adding to MOODS both recent observations and data not already contained in MOODS, as well as improving the quality of the data in MOODS. NAVOCEANO is in the process of developing a computer-based system to perform those functions.