Oliver H. Gish 1883”1987



Oliver H. Gish, age 103, a noted geophysicist, died peacefully in Athens, Ga., on February 22, 1987. Gish, son of John E. Gish and Fannie R. Herr, was born on a farm near Abilene, Kan., on September 7, 1883. He was a descendent of Matthias Gish, who emigrated from Germany to Lancaster County, Pa., in 1733. On his mother's side he was descended from Hans Herr who led the first Mennonite Colony which settled in Lancaster County in 1710. In 1878, Gish's grandfather, Benjamin Gish, led a group of Brethren in Christ (River Brethren) from Lancaster County, Pa., to Dickinson County, Kan.