Hydrology Section Bylaws


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American Geophysical Union Bylaws of the Hydrology Section (Approved by AGU Council, May 19, 1987) Article 1. Name The name of this organization shall be the Hydrology Section of the American Geophysical Union.

Article 2. Objectives To promote the aims and activities of the American Geophysical Union within the field of hydrology and water resources, including:

  1. To promote th e scientific study of hydrology and water resources and to make the results of such studies available to the public by (1) scientific discussion, publication, and other dissemination of information, and (2) by sponsorship of scientific and technical symposia, colloquia, and meetings.
  2. To initiate and participate in hydrologic and water resource research programs, including those that depend upon international cooperation.
  3. To promote cooperation among those scientific organizations whose objectives include furtherance of knowledge in the hydrologic and water resource disciplines.