NASA calls for SIR-C Proposals


  • Anonymous


The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) has announced that it will accept proposals for basic and applied research based on remote sensing data collected by a new generation of Spaceborn Imaging Radar (SIR) satellites. The new project, the Shuttle Imaging Radar-C (SIR-C) program, is due to be launched in February 1991 and July 1992 and will be flown in conjunction with an X band remote sensing system from the West German Bundeministerium fur Forschung und Technologie (BMFT) and the Italian Consiglio Nationale delle Ricerche (CNR).

NASA will solicit SIR-C data analysis proposals that require NASA funding, as well as those that simply require access to the data. The SIR-C represents an improvement over earlier Shuttle Imaging Radars (SIR-A and B) in its ability to acquire images simultaneously at more than one wavelength. The new version also accomodates experiments that require multitemporal coverage. More detailed information may be obtained from Miriam Baltuck, Code EEL, NASA Headquarters, Washington DC 20546. Letters of intent for propoals are due to NASA by August 21, 1987.