Data assimilation and ocean general circulation models



This meeting, the second in a series of Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) multidisciplinary colloquiums emphasizing interaction of global processes within the earth system, was held at JPL (Pasadena, Calif.) on March 19, 1987. Entitled “Data Assimilation and Ocean General Circulation Models,” the colloquium focused upon the status of ocean general circulation models, status of assimilation techniques for satellite and in situ oceanographic observations, and opportunities for space research missions. As illustrated in Figure 1, the space and time scales relevant to large-scale ocean circulation variations discussed at this colloquium ranged from about 1000 km to the size of ocean basins and from months to several years. Ocean circulation variations with these characteristic scales should not be viewed in isolation but are the culmination of many interacting phenomena, such as those on the mesoscale (i.e., from ≈10 km to 100 km and inertial period to 1 month).