First AGU Meeting in Asia Features Plasmas


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Tohoku University and the American Geophysical Union will sponsor AGU's first Asian meeting next month. The Chapman Conference on Plasma Waves and Instabilities in Magnetospheres and at Comets will be held October 12–16 in Sendai, Japan.

Invited talks on anisotropic magnetized plasmas by R. Z. Sagdeev and interacting plasmas by A. A. Galeev, both of the Soviet Union, begin the program. The sessions are Plasma and Magnetohydrodynamic Waves and Instabilities at Comets, Stochastic Particle Acceleration; Nonlinear Processes and Turbulence, Computer Simulations of Plasma Waves and Instabilities; ELF and VLF Electromagnetic and Electrostatic Waves and Instabilities in Planetary Magnetospheres and Magnetotails; MHD Waves and Instabilities in Planetary Magnetospheres and Magnetotails Including Ground and Ionospheric Responses; and Nonthermal Radiation from Planets.