H. W. Menard died on February 9, 1986. His professional legacy includes much of his scientific work in unearthing the floor of the Pacific Ocean, his former students, and his work in the history of science. In addition to his earlier endeavor into the history and sociology of science, Science Growth and Change (Harvard University Press, Cambridge, Mass., 1971), Menard leaves us The Ocean of Truth. Unable to stop himself from doing research, he corrected the galley proofs for The Ocean of Truth during the last days of his life, in his hospital bed, while dying of cancer. I include Menard's work in the history of science within his professional legacy, since Menard did not approach the history of science as a retired scientist who decides to write, with memory as his only guide, about his and his fellow scientists' research. The Ocean of Truth is a serious and successful attempt to recount the rise of oceanography and its bearing upon the recent revolution in the Earth sciences.