In conjunction with the AGU Fall Meeting, there will be a meeting of the AGU Forum: Members are the AGU Executive Council, the Past President, and the Presidents and Presidents-Elect of all of the sections. At the Forum meeting, opportunities and priorities for scientific activities that will advance geophysics and contribute to our understanding of Earth and the Solar System will be discussed. The results will be published in Eos. Subsequent AGU efforts to make sure these important scientific activities take place will be based on the results of the Forum meeting.

The results of this Forum activity could affect much of geophysics. Your views and opinions are important, and I encourage you to make them known before the 1987 Fall Meeting. To facilitate this process, we will publish them as letters to the editor in the Forum section o f Eos. The scientific importance of increasing the ties between individual disciplines of geophysics makes such a broad exposure of the issues particularly appropriate. You can, of course, also communicate your views directly to members of the Forum.