JGR-Solid Earth and Planets editor William Kaula


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Since early 1987, the Journal of Geophysical Research-Solid Earth and Planets (JGR-Solid) has been under the direction of seven editors. William M. Kaula of the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), has the title of Editor in Chief. But he says, “I regard my position not as a chief, but as a chair: one who leads a group of equals in reaching consensuses as to policy and mode of operations.”

There are six sections of JGR-Solid. Authors can submit papers to Kaula or any of the six section editors, and all seven have power of final decision. According to Kaula, the nature of the journal requires cooperation in editing. “JGR-Solid is not only voluminous, it is diverse, with a considerable range in techniques and approaches in the six sections that it serves. It is a tremendous j ob for one person to be editor; his decisions must depend appreciably on the technical judgements of the associate editors.” Nearly 5300 journal pages were published in JGR-Solid in 1986, and the number is expected to increase under Kaula and the six associate editors.