Coastal physical oceanography: The next decade


  • The Boulder Group


A workshop was held at Boulder, Colo., March 30–April 1, 1987, to consider plans for U.S. research on the physical oceanography of the continental margins. The meeting was convened by R. C. Beardsley (Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI), Woods Hole, Mass.) and J. S. Allen (Oregon State University (OSU), Corvallis), with K. H. Brink (WHOI) as facilitator and G. T. Csanady (Old Dominion University, Norfolk, Va.) as rapporteur. A list of those present is given in Table 1. During the first 2 days, the participants presented their views on the current state of knowledge of the various physical processes important in the waters o f the continental margins. These presentations sketched the boundaries of knowledge and illustrated the diversity and vigor of current research on the U.S. margins. The speakers gave their projections of the goals and needs of future research and suggested directions for a national program.