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U.S.-Soviet climate research: More, better



The draft of an agreement for cooperative U.S.-Soviet climate research contains a number of proposed projects that should lead to unprecedented knowledge of the worldwide atmospheric distribution of trace gases and their effect on climate change. Activities named in the document include the shared measurement of Antarctica's ozone hole, a joint experiment to investigate the relationship between aerosols and ozone in the Arctic stratosphere, and a program to measure biogenic methane produced in permafrost areas of the United States and the Soviet Union.

The protocol, signed in preliminary form November 2, 1987, by representatives of both countries, is the latest update of a bilateral agreement in place since 1972. Ultimate approval of the protocol should come in the next few months, in the form of a final signing by Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Administrator Lee Thomas and the head of the equivalent ministry in the Soviet Union, Yuri Izrael.