NASA announces New Space Physics Division



A reorganization of the Office of Space Science and Applications was announced at National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) Headquarters in Washington, D.C., on September 8, 1987. An important result of this reorganization for members of the AGU Solar-Planetary Relationships (SPR) Section is the formation of a new Space Physics Division (Code ES), which includes the Space Plasma Physics Branch of the Earth Science and Applications Division, the Solar Physics Branch of the Astrophysics Division, and particle astrophysics/cosmic ray studies formerly overseen by the Astrophysics Division. The new division is divided into four science branches, including Cosmic and Heliospheric Physics, Solar Physics, Magnetospheric Physics, and Ionospheric Physics. The proposed division structure is given in the box. Current division personnel have been assigned responsibilities as presented in the box, but it is expected that the “activity” positions within the division will be filled through open competition within the next 2 years. Division goals, areas of research, and specific branch responsibilities are as follows.