The 1987 International Symposium on Erosion and Sedimentation in the Pacific Rim, held August 3–7, 1987, in Corvallis, Oreg., included a special session on the geomorphic and hydrologic dynamics of zero-order drainage basins. “Zero-order basin” is one of several terms used to describe unchanneled swales or hollows that may occupy considerable areas of higher-order drainage basins. These basins serve as important accumulation sites for water, sediment, and accompanying contaminants that subsequently may enter streams. Moreover, in many terrains along the Pacific rim, zero-order basins are significant geologic hazard sites in which rapid landslides and debris flows commonly begin. Widespread recognition o f the importance of zero-order basins has occurred only within the last 15 years, and this special session was aimed at collecting and assessing some of the pertinent knowledge that has been gained to date.