SSC may join nuclear waste in Nevada



Congress has named Yucca Mountain in Nevada as the nation's future high-level nuclear waste repository, preempting earlier plans for the evaluation of at least three western sites by the Department of Energy (DOE). The move comes despite opposition by the state's governor and members of Congress. However, amendments to the legislation may placate Nevada with a brass ring of sorts—DOE's Superconducting Super Collider (SSC), a ring 26 km in diameter.

The measure was finalized December 17, 1987, in a House-Senate conference as part of a $30.2 billion deficit-reduction bill. 12 last-minute amendments attached to the bill by Senator Chic Hecht (D-Nev.) call for compensations to Nevada that could include selection of the state as the future home of the SSC, as well as up to 20 million dollars per year in cash.