October streamflow


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Record lows were set for streamflow in the Pacific northwest and in the southwestern Appalachians in October 1987. The Spokane River at Spokane, Wash., the Columbia River at The Dalles, Oreg., and the Yellowstone River at Corwin Springs, Mont., were among the rivers breaking low-flow records that had stood for nearly 100 years. Fifty-year lows were reported for the Tombigbee River near Coatopa, Ala., and the Green River at Munfordville, Ky.

The U.S. Geological Survey reported that the combined flow of the Mississippi, St. Lawrence, and Columbia Rivers was 14% below median at 551,400 cubic feet per second (cfs). Mean October elevations of the Great Lakes (provisional National Ocean Service data) was lower in October than it was in September and was lower than it had been in October 1986. The Great Salt Lake fell 0.15 ft (0.04 m) during October, reaching 4209.25 ft (1282.97 m) above National Geodetic Vertical Datum.