New AGU panels


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Both the 1987 and 1988 AGU Plans adopted by the Council have included initiation of activities to influence public policy and decision making on subjects that are important to advance geophysics. Three panels to formulate Union positions for Council approval have been appointed by the President. These have been announced in previous issues of Eos:

  • Earmarking and Fencing: December 8, 1987, p. 1647
  • Geomagnetic Observatories: December 22, 1987, p. 1793
  • Planet Earth Initiative: December 22, 1987, p. 1793

So that the positions established represent the broadest concensus, it is important that AGU members' views on these issues be communicated to section officers, panel members, or to the full membership through letters to the Eos Editor in Chief.