IAHS Secretary General resigns


  • Anonymous


John Rodda (Institute of Hydrology, Wallingford, U.K.) resigned as Secretary General of the International Association of Hydrological Sciences (IAHS) at the end of 1987 to take the position of director of the Hydrology and Water Resources Department of the World Meteorological Organization in Geneva, Switzerland. Although he had been elected to a third term as Secretary General, his colleagues supported his choice to take on this new position.

Rodda has been replaced by another very capable appointee, Henny J. Colenbrander (Netherlands Organization for Applied Research, The Hague), who will serve as Acting Secretary General until the next IAHS General Assembly. As Acting Secretary General, his address is CHO-TNO, PO Box 297, The Hague, 2501 BD Netherlands. Colenbrander also serves as one the AGU Hydrology Section's foreign correspondents for Eos.