NASA study grants


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To expand human exploration of the Solar System, the Office of Exploration of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration has awarded 20 contracts for ideas, concepts, devices, systems, and trajectory, operation and implementation plans. Winning proposals came from five industry-related firms, two organizations in the space-support business, and thirteen universities; they were chosen from 115 entries.

Geophysical studies to be supported include site characterization of the Oregon moonbase (Oregon L-5 Society, Inc., Oregon City), evolution of design alternatives for exploration of Mars by balloon (Titan Systems, Inc., San Diego, Calif.), design considerations of a lunar production plant (Boston University, Chestnut Hill, Mass.), planetary materials and resource utilization (Michigan Technological University, Houghton), Mars tethered sample return study (University of Colorado, Boulder), Teleprospector, a teleoperated robotic field geologist (University of New Mexico, Albuquerque), and the International Lunar Polar Orbiter (International Space University, Boston, Mass.).