Philip wins AWRAC Award


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John Philip, member of the AGU Section of Hydrology since 1951, was recently awarded the inaugural Eminent Researcher Fellowship of the Australian Water Research Advisory Council (AWRAC). Philip, Chief of the CSIRO Centre for Environmental Mechanics in Canberra, Australia, was awarded the Fellowship for his pioneering work on the mathematical physics of water movement in unsaturated porous media and soils.

During his research career over 4 decades, Philip has published over. 230 scientific papers, mainly in hydrology. Sub-disciplines include soil and porous medium physics, fluid mechanics, micrometeorology, physical chemistry, and mathematical and physical aspects of physiology and ecology. The stipend associated with the AWRAC Fellowship will allow Philip to reduce his administrative duties for a year and mount a full-time attack on three important water research projects: a boundary layer analysis of water entry into subterranean holes from unsaturated seepage; groundwater pollution from hydrocarbon leaks beneath the water table; and an engineering approach to control of water use and microclimate by plant surface resistance under arid advective conditions.