NSF 1990 Plan



The National Science Foundation has released its Fiscal Year 1990 Current Plan, making expected cuts in some of the activities it supports. These cuts come on the heels of the reduction of grant and cooperative agreement increments by 2% from their originally committed amounts.

NSF started with the budget request for FY 1990, subtracted the amounts cut by Congress, Gramm-Rudman-Hollings sequestration, and the across-the-board reductions for the war on drugs, and then calculated an overall funding increase of 8% over FY 1989. Funding for research and related activities was “particularly hard hit,” NSF said, and will increase by only 5%. The increase is 6% when the amount for academic research facilities is included. (That amount would have been lower had not money been reallocated into academic research facilities that was to have been used to build 10–12 new science and technology centers.)