IRIS Alerts Congress


  • Anonymous


Funding for the National Earthquake Hazards Reduction Program (NEHRP) has decreased 30% since the program was started in 1977 (“Reauthorization of Earthquake Act Urged,” Eos, March 13, p. 330). Alarmed by the continued decline in research on earthquake hazard reduction brought on by the decreased funding, the IRIS Consortium has sent a letter to Congress asking that the Earthquake Hazards Reduction Act (Public Law 95–124) be reauthorized to reach the original $200-million-a-year goal by 1993.

IRIS, a consortium for seismology, has more than 65 colleges, universities and research institutions as members and undertook the letter to express the concern of the seismological community; 68 individual seismologists have signed (see box). Their message: “We urge you to use the reauthorization of NEHRP to rebuild our deteriorated program of earthquake hazard mitigation.”