Fencing position


  • G. Shaw,

  • P. Eagleson,

  • A. Gordon,

  • S. Smith,

  • M. Settle


It is clear that most actions taken by Congress have been the result of pressure by constituents. At the 1989 fall meeting of the AGU Council, a Union position on fencing was approved, which said such pressure by members of AGU did not meet professional standards. Fencing refers to the practice of protecting parts of agency budgets from reduction, denying agency administrators the latitude to adjust such parts in response to changing appropriations for the agency. Recent actions by members of Congress to counteract efforts to circumvent peer review clearly indicate that there is support in Congress for the scientific integrity of the research funding process by the federal government. AGU's fencing position (below) supports such actions and the continued need for scientific integrity in the funding of research. Your support of the position is requested.