Edward A. Flinn, III, 1931”1989


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Edward A. Flinn, III, 57, died of prostate cancer on August 13, 1989, after a long debilitating illness. He will be well remembered for his contributions to science as well as his human qualities.

Ted Flinn was an internationally renowned Earth scientist, expert particularly in the fields of seismology and space geodesy. Ted's most recent and probably greatest impact on the scientific community was in geodesy. As Chief of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) Geodynamics Program, he directed a global research effort using laser-ranging to satellites and to the Moon, together with radiation from quasars, to detect the motion and deformation of the Earth's crust. Under his leadership, the program expanded to include five other federal agencies and about 24 foreign countries. This spectacularly successful international cooperation is exemplary of Ted Flinn's broad vision and scope.