Groundwater report released


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The internationally staffed Task Committee on Artificial Recharge of Ground Water, associated with the Irrigation and Drainage Division of the American Society of Civil Engineers, has completed their first report. Published by ASCE, the 644-page “Artificial Recharge of Ground Water,” edited by A. I. Johnson and Donald J. Finlayson, presents 63 papers by specialists from eleven countries and nine U.S. states.

The authors report that artificial recharge of groundwater has recently become one of the thrusts for government and local funding in arid parts of the United States as well as in many arid countries. This has been due to problems created by increasing development of irrigation and public water supply from groundwater and consequent lowering of water tables to uneconomically low levels. The use of surplus surface flood waters and treated waste water to recharge the water tables is shown to have been done in many locations for many years and is likely to increase on an exponential scale as industrialized nations grow and developing countries modernize and require more water per capita.