NASA deadlines announced


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The National Aeronautics and Space Administration announces a January 7, 1991, deadline for proposals to the Origins of Solar Systems Research Program, and October 30, 1990, as the deadline for the Space Astronomy Ultraviolet Detector Development Program proposals.

Proposals to the Solar Systems Research Program will be evaluated by peer review in May 1991. Primary goals of the program are to complement and extend ongoing efforts in Solar Systems research, in addition to those already sponsored by several divisions within the Office of Space Science and Applications, and to foster effective communications among researchers actively working on this topic. Proposals are encouraged that involve joint research efforts by investigators from different scientific disciplines. Some examples of research appropriate for support under this program are theoretical and observational studies of interstellar clouds, protostars, and comets and of interstellar and nebular chemistry; models of the solar nebula and of star formation; analysis of meteorites and primitive bodies; studies of plasma-dust interactions and nebular MHD phenomena; research on the processes of planetary accumulation and evolution; and studies to understand the origin of life.