Ocean drilling program sets FY 92 schedule



At its November 28–December 1, 1990, meeting in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii, the Planning Committee (PCOM) of the Ocean Drilling Program, in association with chairpersons of ODP's scientific advisory structure, has established its Program Plan for Fiscal Year 1992 (approximately mid-November 1991 through mid-January 1993). ODP is the successor to the Deep Sea Drilling Project and the International Phase of Ocean Drilling, and is a consortium of countries led by the United States with a broad mandate to conduct scientific ocean drilling in the world's ocean basins. Based upon ODP's Long Range Plan (available from Joint Oceanographic Institutions, Inc., Washington, D.C.) and the scientific priorities set by ODP's thematic panels, PCOM has placed seven 56-day drilling legs on the proposed schedule, beginning with Leg 141.

The new schedule is generally consistent with long-term ODP planning, which has stipulated that drilling operations will be concentrated in the eastern Pacific until late 1992, when the drill ship JOIDES Resolution will transit to the North Atlantic for operations there during calendar 1993. Each program in FY 1992 is briefly summarized below (see also Figure 1), both to alert the Earth sciences community to future opportunities for direct participation aboard the drill ship and to publicize a new ODP policy for “supplemental science” (see accompanying sidebar), which will be initiated for the period covered by legs 141–147.