Ducklow named JGR-Oceans Editor


  • Anonymous


Hugh Ducklow of Horn Point Environmental Laboratories, University of Maryland-CEES, Cambridge, Md., has been appointed an editor of the Journal of Geophysical Research-Oceans to serve a 4-year term ending December 31, 1994. His primary responsibility will be for papers relating to biological oceanography with special emphasis on the production dynamics of the upper ocean. Ducklow will also encourage more process-oriented biologists to publish in JGR-Oceans.

Ducklow intends to raise the profile of JGR among biological oceanographers and increase the number of biology articles published in the journal. Ducklow reports that in 1990 only about 20 of more than 300 articles in JGR-Oceans were biological. He would like to see the Oceans section continue to expand its role as a stage for presenting collections of articles about major field programs, including the first JGOFS process studies. Also, the launch of the Sea-WIFS ocean color sensor in 1993 promises to open a new era in biological oceanography and Ducklow plans to ensure JGR becomes one of the principal outlets for ocean color papers.