Eruption under way at Colima, Mexico


  • Anonymous


Volcanic activity beginning in March at Colima, in southwest Mexico (19.51°N, 103.61°W), has turned into a major eruption that is continuing as of May 1. The following report was provided by the Smithsonian Institution's Global Volcanism Network. All times are local (= UT −6 hours).

“Lava extrusion began on March 1, following increases in seismicity, dome deformation, and thermal activity in late February. By mid-March, the new lobe was large enough to be visible from Colima city (about 30 km from the volcano). Geologists visiting the summit on March 27 reported that the lava dome was 100 m across, 30–40 m high, and still growing. Some lava flowed into a small depression just northeast of the nearly symmetrical dome. At the time of the visit, the dome margin was 3 m from the southwest crater rim and spawned about 3 avalanches/hour. Advance of the lava was shown by blocks falling from the dome front.