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How fluids affect volcanos



An interdisciplinary session entitled “Fluid-Volcano Interactions” was held at the 1990 AGU Fall Meeting to draw together researchers from volcanology, geochemistry, hydrogeology, tectonophysics, and geophysics. Forty-seven papers were presented during a two-day poster session followed by an open discussion period.

The session provided a forum to discuss how circulating fluids influence the thermal, chemical, mechanical, and hydrologic processes that contribute to the evolution and behavior of volcanos. Papers presented during the poster session covered a broad range of topics, including measurements of heat, fluid, and solute fluxes at volcanos; volcano deformation and internal dynamics; waterrock interaction and the role of magmatic volatiles; structural controls on fluid flow and heat transfer; and approaches for modeling fluid, heat, and solute transport in volcanos. The diversity of topics illustrates the importance of fluid circulation to a wide variety of volcanic processes. It also highlights the difficulty of integrating the observations and theories generated within disparate disciplines into robust models.

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