Geophysics News 1991


  • Debra S. Knopman


For the second consecutive year, AGU has published Geophysics News, a collection of short articles about new research findings from the past year. The primary target for this publication is science journalists, who can make constructive use of clearly written, accessible stories by spreading them to an even wider audience. The special spin on articles in Geophysics News is that research findings are placed in their proper scientific perspective with relevant policy implications described as well.

The full contents of Geophysics News 1991 will be run in Eos over the next several weeks, beginning with this issue. This is being done for two reasons. First, these articles present AGU members with a wonderful opportunity to learn about the “hot news” in research areas outside of their own expertise. And, as examples of science writing for a broad audience, these articles are meant to encourage other AGU members to also make the effort to write about their science for the general public.