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  1. NOAA's VENTS program targets oceanic hydrothermal effects Volume 72, Issue 50, 561–566, Article first published online: 10 December 1991


The Magellan Project appreciates David Morrison's reminder that our vertically exaggerated (22.5 times) images and videos are produced by combining images with altimetry, a fact that we try to point out on both videos and images released to the public. The computer-generated scenes are produced as part of a solar system visualization project that combines various data sets for scientific computer visualization and analysis. We felt that the images would be of interest to others. Part of the reason that we use vertical exaggeration is that we are trying to show topographic variations over very large areas, the scale at which we have accurate topographic information. (There is a disparity between the 120–300 m resolution of the images and the greater than 10 km resolution of the topography.)