Clementine revisited


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NASA administrator Daniel S. Goldin is pushing for a sequel to Clementine, the joint Defense Department-NASA probe that successfully produced the most detailed topographic map of Moon ever filmed earlier this year. While a smash with scientists, the first Clementine mission was also a hit at the box office with its thrifty $80 million price tag. Clementine 2 would also come in under $100 million. The destination of Clementine 2 is under discussion. A top candidate is a Moon landing, which may help settle the question whether there is ice in the Moon's craters. Filming an asteroid and filming the Earth are the other leading options, according to Stewart Nozette, deputy program manager, Ballistic Missile Defense Organization. Although the second portion of Clementine's mission to map the asteroid Geographos failed, Clementine 2 would have the benefit of the lessons learned from number one, which is now in “cold storage” in an orbit around the Sun.