Volcanology geochemistry & petrology


  • Mike Garcia


As the new VGP editor, I would like to extend an invitation to VGP members to participate in determining the direction this column takes. Some disciplines within VGP have been under-represented in this column over the last few years (e.g., metamorphic petrology). The invited workshop report below is an attempt to address this oversight. I have invited the FROGs (FRiends of Granites) to present a debate column on controversial topics. I would appreciate your assistance in identifying other newsworthy topics for this column or for articles that have appeal beyond VGP. This issue also features an article on the 1994 eruption of Rabaul, while a future issue will cover the decade volcano of the Philippines. (Volcanology has always been well represented in Eos.) We have two articles in review/preparation on instrumentation and new techniques (laser ablation ICP-MS and high-pressure, diamond aggregate experiments). This column and Eos articles offer opportunities for us to identify exciting new areas of research in our disciplines and to continue unresolved debates.