Outstanding student paper awards


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The Ocean Sciences Section presented the following outstanding student paper awards at the 1998 AGU-ASLO Ocean Sciences Meeting in San Diego, California, last February.

Juli M. Berwald presented a poster titled “The Packet Model for the Downwelling Average Cosine of Irradiance in the Ocean,” coauthored by C. D. Mobley and D. A. Kiefer. Juli received her B.A. in mathematics from Amherst College in 1989. Her doctoral research at the University of Southern California focused on understanding relationships between the inherent and apparent optical properties in the ocean. Most of her work is based on results from radiative transfer calculations which mathematically describe how water and particles affect the magnitude and direction of radiance in the ocean. The Lamina Model of the Downwelling Average Cosine of Irradiance, which formed the basis of her AGU presentation, will be incorporated into a new model for reflectance in the ocean. Juli has also developed models of the average cosine of irradiance in which the effects of scattering and absorption on the shape of the underwater light field are individually identified. In addition, she has investigated the effects of raman scattering on the average cosine and the diffuse attenuation coefficient throughout the water column and into the asymptotic field. Juli's graduate work has been supported by a NASA fellowship in Global Change.