Outstanding student paper awards


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The Tectonophysics Section presented the following outstanding student paper awards at the 1998 AGU Spring Meeting in Boston, Mass., last May.

Paul S. Hall presented a poster titled “Melt Transport at Subduction Zones by Diapiric Flow.” Paul receive his B.A. in physics from The College of Woosterin 1995. He currently is working towards a Ph.D. in geophysics under the supervision of Chris Kincaid at the University of Rhode Island's Graduate School of Oceanography in Narragansett. His research focuses on modeling mantel flow at subduction zones and mid-ocean rides, with an emphasis on incorporating geochemical observable into the physical models, utilizing a combination of laboratory and numerical experiments. Currently, Paul is investigating the geochemical consequences of plume-ridge interaction through a series of two- and three-dimensional numerical models which incorporate Lagrangian tracer particles to model the melting process.