Atmospheric Chemistry and Global Change



Atmospheric Chemistry and Global Change is the result of the collective efforts of scientists at the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) to provide a comprehensive textbook for students at the graduate level and a reference book for teachers and scientists.There are 16 chapters, each authored by two or more NCAR scientists with contributions from many others, followed by a 2-page essay by a non- NCAR scientist reflecting on the subject matter.

The book succeeds well beyond what one might expect from such a large group effort, with several chapters being true gems. For example, one is accustomed to reading chapters on dynamics and transport either written for dynamicists, thus incomprehensible to chemists, or simplified treatments or summaries written by chemists and lacking in real substance. Here the long chapter by Rolando Garcia et al. is outstanding in its clarity, completeness, and careful attention to both transport and the underlying principles and phenomena of geophysical fluid dynamics. It's not for the faint of heart (there are 162 equations and 32 figures), but the reader's effort is handsomely rewarded.