Congressional Science Fellow settles in on Capitol Hill



AGU's 23rd Congressional Science Fellow Bryan Hannegan began his year-long tenure in Washington on September 1. Together with nearly 30 other Congressional Science Fellows Bryan embarked on an intensive two-week orientation. Despite the firehose blast of information that the Fellows receive, most find the orientation useful as a first step before they head to Capitol Hill to seek placement for the year. “It was an incredible crash course in everything you ever wanted to know about Washington,” Hannegan commented. Once orientation ended, Bryan contacted a number of House and Senate committee and personal offices to see if his policy interests matched their needs for a Fellow After many interviews, he chose to spend his fellowship year with the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee, which is the key authorizing and oversight committee in the Senate for all energy policy, energy research and development, mining, oil and gas, national parks, and related public land and resource programs in the federal government.