Exploring Late Pleistocene climate variations


  • M. Sarnthein,

    1. Institut für Geowissenschaften University of Kiel, D-24098 Kiel, Germany
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  • J. P. Kennett,

  • J. Chappell,

  • T. Crowley,

  • W. Curry,

  • J. C. Dupessy,

  • P. Grootes,

  • I. Hendy,

  • C. Laj,

  • J. Negendank,

  • M. Schulz,

  • N. J. Shackleton,

  • A. Voelker,

  • B. Zolitschka,

  • Trins Workshop Participants


The origin of much of the variability in late Quaternary climate remains a major question in the understanding of processes of past and future climate change. The origin of major rapid, decadal climate change during the latest Quaternary remains an enigma. These issues are critical for understanding global change. Although major progress continues to be made, a general consensus has developed that limitations in knowledge of the chronology of millennial-scale climate variability are impeding further progress.