Global climate change and society program: essay excerpt


  • Glenn Willis,

  • Robert Usiskin,

  • Jonathan Takahashi,

  • Adrienne Socci,

  • John Silson,

  • Lauren Ris,

  • Laura Riihimaki,

  • Preetha Mani,

  • Jessica Groshek,

  • Nathan Casebeer,

  • Adam Braddock,

  • Shannon Belding,

  • Esther Ellsworth


If we move beyond the call for more scientific research, what do we do? Society's choices regarding climate change will depend upon our values and how we speak about them, not on whether climate change science reaches greater degrees of certainty Since the driving force that will shape our world is the value-based decision-making we engage in as individuals and communities, we should frame our discussion about climate change accordingly.