Brominated organic species in the Arctic atmosphere


  • Walter W. Berg,

  • Leroy E. Heidt,

  • Walter Pollock,

  • Paul D. Sperry,

  • Ralph J. Cicerone,

  • Ernest S. Gladney


Measurements are reported of four gas-phase, brominated organic species found in the Arctic atmosphere during March and April 1983. Volume mixing ratios for CH3Br, CH2BrCH2Br, CHBr3, and CH2Br2 were determined by GC/MS analysis from samples taken Arctic wide, including at the geographic North Pole and during a tropopause folding event over Baffin Bay near Thule, Greenland. Methyl bromide mixing ratios were reasonably constant at 11 ± 4 pptv while the other three brominated organics showed a high degree of variability. Bromoform (2 to 46 pptv) was found to be the dominant contributor to gaseous organic bromine to the Arctic troposphere at 38 ± 10% followed by CH2Br2 (3 to 60 pptv) at 29 ± 6%. Both CH3Br and CH2BrCH2Br (1 to 37 pptv) reservoirs contained less than 20% of the organically bound bromine. Stratospheric samples, taken during a tropopause folding event, showed mixing ratios for all four species at levels high enough to support a stratospheric total volume mixing ratio of 249 pptv Br (888 ngBr/SCM).