Fast azimuthal transport of solar cosmic rays via a coronal magnetic bottle


  • K. H. Schatten,

  • D. J. Mullan


Key observations pertaining to the fast azimuthal propagation of solar cosmic ray particles are reviewed. Briefly, protons and electrons with a wide range of energies from 40° to 60° heliolongitude on either side of a flare site have access to the earth-sun interplanetary field line within an hour of flare onset. We propose that coronal magnetic bottles, produced by flares, serve as temporary traps for solar cosmic rays in some instances. It is the expansion of these bottles at velocities of 300–500 km/s which allows fast azimuthal propagation of solar cosmic rays independent of energy. As a result of the Rayleigh-Taylor instability, cosmic rays originally trapped inside the bottle are released into interplanetary space at a time of the order of 0.5–1 hour after the flare.