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A new predictive model for determining solar wind-terrestrial planet interactions


  • John R. Spreiter,

  • Stephen S. Stahara


A computational model has been developed for the determination of the gasdynamic and magnetic field properties of the solar wind flow around a magnetic planet, such as the earth, or a nonmagnetic planet, such as Venus. The procedures are based on an established single-fluid, steady, dissipationless, magnetogasdynamic model and are appropriate for the calculation of axisymmetric, supersonic, super-Alfvénic solar wind flow past a planetary magneto/ionosphere. Sample results are reported for a variety of solar wind and planetary conditions. Some of these are new applications; others are included to show that the new procedures produce the same results as previous procedures when applied to the same conditions. The new methods are completely automated and much more efficient and versatile than those employed heretofore.

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