Observations of the lunar regolith and the Earth from the television camera on Surveyor 7


  • E. M. Shoemaker,

  • R. M. Batson,

  • H. E. Holt,

  • E. C. Morris,

  • J. J. Rennilson,

  • E. A. Whitaker


Surveyor 7, the last spacecraft of the Surveyor series, landed about 30 km north of the rim crest of Tycho, one of the most prominent and well-known features in the southern part of the moon. About 21,000 pictures were transmitted during two lunar days of operation. At the Surveyor 7 site, the cumulative size-frequency distribution of craters 13 cm to 3 meters in diameter follows closely the distribution of craters observed at the other Surveyor sites in the lunar maria. This distribution of small craters is believed to be a steady-state distribution.