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Plastic flow of oriented single crystals of olivine: 1. Mechanical data


  • W. B. Durham,

  • C. Goetze


A total of 41 selectively oriented single crystals of olivine (Fo92) were deformed under uniaxial stresses of 100–1800 bars in the temperature range 1150°–1600°C. Under uniform stress no strain inhomogeneities were observed. For all orientations both strain rate and dislocation structure stabilized after 1–2% strain and remained stable to the highest strains achieved (40%). For all orientations, creep could be represented by a power law of the form math formula = Aσ3.6 where A varied with orientation by a factor of 50. Shape change and crystallographic rotation data for some orientations could only be accounted for by a substantial dislocation climb contribution to the strain rate. All specimens were decorated to show the dislocation structure.

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